Monday, March 21, 2016


It was an odd weekend.  A weekend where I thought I would have done so much but in reality - 
Not so much at all
So a lot of it was spent watching these two beautiful creatures
My aunt and I refer to it as the "Nature Soap Opera" and were texting back and forth about it
It is addicting I tell ya
I knit like the wind - and got nothing accomplished
I frogged  more that I actually knit
March madness is in full swing and hubby and I had fun (even if my bracket was a bust)
The 2016 season of F-1 started and what a great race it was
And it snowed
But not as much as was predicted and I'm good with that

How was your weekend?


Caroline said...

Well my weekend was made all that much better by your IG post about the eagles and then I as well, was hooked on this amazing miracle. What a fantastic thing to watch!
May we both have a more productive knitting week ahead :-)

Bonny said...

Watching those eagles is addicting and far better than almost anything on TV! We've been watching the DC ones, and also a local nest cam with two eggs that should be hatching any day now:

Carole Julius said...

My weekend was great! I had to go cold turkey (get it, hahah!) on watching the eagles a few years ago because I wasn't getting anything else done.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I saw this morning that the north was getting snow, I am so envious.
My Monday sounds like your weekend!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Now Alex and I have the Eagle cameras up so we can watch too ! :)

mamasmercantile said...

Amazing, nature at its best. Snow is something I definitely do not envy.

Chrisknits b said...

Knit a bunch, got some things done, forgot to do laundry, so today it is catch up!

steph said...

Freddy trumped us all with his bracket...he votes for 'dog' mascot teams, so picked Yale (bulldogs). Go Fred!!!

karen said...

aren't those birds adorable? We are watching some basketball and we are not basketball watchers :) I guess things change over time, right?


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