Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Long Weekending

It was a three day weekend that I was looking forward to
With lots of plans and things to do

But we all know what happens to plans....

Pictured above was the cat and dog on Friday night
They were cuddling and staying warm
But Saturday morning the cat wouldn't get up
Not even to eat
And she stayed like that unless I brought her food
By Sunday morning we knew we had to get her to the Dr.
And you know how costly a 24 hour Vet visit can be
After blood tests and examining her they think she had an infection
Antibiotics, pain meds and more meds (do you know how much fun it it to give
meds to a cat?) and she is thankfully much better
In between nursing the sick kitty I baked a bit
We went to the movies and saw "How To Be Single" which was funny
Obviously got knitting done and got ready for this glorious 4 day work week

How was your weekend?


AsKatKnits said...

Glad kitty is on the mend! And, three day weekends are the best, only surpassed by a surprise additional day due to very inclement weather here in Pittsburgh!

elizabeth said...

so glad that your kitty is on the mend! whew! hope today is a great day for you, peaceful and kind.

karen said...

I hope your visit was not thousands of dollars and just hundreds....they are VERY expensive. I am glad your cat is on the mend! my what a weekend....

Chrisknits b said...

What sweet faces!!!! I think they need to cuddled 24/7! Of course, my dogs think THEY need to be cuddled 24/7.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Sorry to here about kitty - hope she's on the mend!

Janet said...

Such a sweet photo. Glad to hear that the meds worked and the kitty is feeling better.

Lisa said...

Oh, so sorry about your kitty. :( We had a vet visit a while back, so we well know the $$$ that has to be put out can be a lot. Glad she's feeling better, Donna! Hope your week is going well so far,
Lisa :)

elns said...

I'm sorry your weekend plans were hijacked by sick kitty. But i'm so sorry kitty was sick and I hope she's doing better and you're all getting some rest. I'm glad you liked that movie, I was thinking about seeing it, good to know!

Gale Bulkley said...

Poor kitty.

Tania said...

This is just too adorable! Hope your cat is feeling much better now.


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