Thursday, January 7, 2016

And Then There Was Christmas

I briefly blogged over the Christmas holiday but never got into much detail.  It was strange and felt like we were down south like the olden days (we spent many Christmas's in Florida when my in-laws were still alive, before we had Nicole).  Knitting on my back deck is not something I get to do on Christmas morning normally.  

My Christmas socks were finished and worn several times.  They are a bit loose.  And I need a better picture of them.  What I did forget to photograph was my nephew's socks.  You'll have to trust me that I finished them.  And he was thrilled to pieces when he opened them.  

I knit a cute cup cozy for Lisa.  How else to you re-pay a friend who does not knit yet goes to Rhinebeck with you and stands on the lines so you can shop?  I owe her a few more in smaller sizes.  

And my niece got a Baable hat.  I was a bit worried about the size but it fit her perfectly.  I used the modifications from Susan B. Anderson and that seemed to do the trick.  I guess I wasn't the only one who's hat turned out a little big the first time around.  Niece number 2 got her socks (again, no photos, but trust me when I tell you they looked a lot like these since I used the same yarn. 

So all knitting was complete before Santa arrived, the weather was great and the holiday was enjoyed.  


mamasmercantile said...

Sounds wonderful. Best wishes for 2016.

Carole Julius said...

Great knitting, you are a generous soul! It was weird having it be so warm on Christmas. I'm certainly not complaining as having a cocktail with Dale and my father-in-law on the deck (while we were still in our PJs at 3pm) was pretty awesome. I will say, though, that my house was HOT on Christmas Eve and it didn't feel like ham and baked beans weather - we should have had a cook out instead!

Alina said...

Happy for you that you enjoyed this wonderful time of year! Love your cute handknits!

Patty said...

You have lucky folks in your world! We had 35 at the house on Christmas Eve...all doors open, kids running around in the back yard without coats. It was crazy!

karen said...

my baable hats (yes plural) came out perfectly but I knit with worsted weight....not sure if that made a difference. Love the cozy and you need to keep that rhinebeck friend!! how awesome :)

elns said...

I love the holiday pictures and the fantastic knits. I love my heritage socks. I'm so happy I caved into the knitting peer pressure, hehe. I'm going to prance around in the hose next Christmas for sure!

Knit coffee/drink cozies are fantastic. They make me so happy!


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