Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

The prompt for today's ToT is "10 Places You Hang Out".  I got to thinking that I am kinda boring. I don't go out all that much and am most happy hanging out at home.  

My favorite places at home are
1. My deck.  Mostly in the summer and Fall.  I still like to hang out there as it's getting dark and capture some sunset pictures.
2.  The backyard near the stream.  I love that you can really hear it flowing this time of year.  But you better make a fire in the pit because the winds are picking up and it's getting chilly.
3.  Near the wood stove.  With my knitting.
4.  My bathroom.  Now you must know that I have the tiniest bathroom known to man, and there is only one of them in the house.  But sometimes I retreat in there with my iPad just to gather my thoughts.  And be left alone.
5.  The kitchen.  This is where everyone congregates - right around the center island.  Which is where most of the cooking is happening.

When I do venture out
6.  The library.  We have such a nice room with a fireplace and it's nice to relax and relieve stress.
7.  Work.  After hours when most of the employees have left a few of us hang out and talk and joke about our day.  Sometimes I hang out here alone.  I feel closest to my brother here in this place that he used to practically live at.  And I don't feel alone at all.
8.  Panera Bread.  I go there with knitting friends or even by myself.  I find it a relaxing spot and wish there was one a little closer to me.
9.  Barnes and Noble.  I love browsing the magazine section with a cup of coffee.
10.  Pub 99.  Our favorite family restaurant.  The atmosphere is good, the food is consistent and it feels like a second home after all these years.  

Where do you like to hang out?  Join us at Carole's place!


Bonny said...

With views like that I can see why your deck is a great hangout. Number 7 sounds like heaven to me, and I'm glad that you have a place where you can feel close to your brother. A truly lovely list!

AsKatKnits said...

Number 3 sounds just perfect!

Carolina22 said...

I like how you divided your list into places at home and out. Agree that #3 sounds perfect as does #1.

steph said...

we hang out at our local panera, too!!! :)

margene said...

Home is the best place, but it's nice to have local places where it feels like home!

Carole Julius said...

Hooray for the library and the 99!

kathy b said...

Fun to read everyone's hang out lists!

dianne said...

I love that you included your bathroom! LOL I included my laundry room for pretty much that same reason. I know I won't be bothered in there, especially if there is laundry to be folded ;-)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I am a homebody all the way! Well, unless I'm at the beach and then I'm a beach bum.

Kwizgiver said...

I envy your nearby Barnes & Noble. It's one of my favorite places to go but it's 3.5 hours away from home for me.

karen said...

I knew you would list your deck :) I wish I had a b & n near me!!


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