Monday, November 16, 2015


listening - the news

eating - nothing yet - it's too early to eat for me.  That bread last night was darn good though!  Weird shape, huh?

drinking - pumpkin iced coffee

wearing - bright pink hoodie shirt with black work out pants (no - I didn't work out but these pants are comfy)

weather - sunny and warm for November

knitting - Christmas socks, Reyna shawl (two projects only - don't faint or anything.  And that doesn't include two spinning projects)

reading - Patterns In The Sand, the second in the Seaside Knitting series

wanting - to have a three day weekend 

needing - to stay late at work.  Every.  Day.  This.  Week. 

enjoying - audio books (I'm listening to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle right now)

looking forward - Thanksgiving

wondering - where all these ticks are coming from that Mowgli is dragging in the house.  He did not have one on him all summer (now that I think about it, he never had a tick on him his whole life until this past week).  Now we are picking them out daily.  


Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

Too much work! Drats! Hang in there...Maybe this will be knit-at-work week?

Carole Julius said...

I despise ticks! Maybe they are more active now that the cold weather is coming? Who knows but they are horrible.

Bonny said...

Sorry to hear about staying late all this week. You certainly deserve a three day weekend; hoping you'll get a 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving next week (or at least a wonderful Thursday off!)

Lisa said...

ick to the ticks...our cats pick them up all the time. Ewww. Nothing like homemade bread. So sorry you have to work late all week...that was my last week, and I work at home. Couldn't even get away from it. Thankful for a new week and that the stack has thinned dramatically.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love to wear workout pants, yes, they are so comfortable.

Ticks actually survive better in cooler weather, we have them really bad
down here.

Oh, bread!!!!

mamasmercantile said...

Now that bread really does look good, I am afraid I cheat and use a bread making machine.

karen said...

rain makes the ticks come out I think. However if you have deer walking around they like to sprinkle them about. Frodo always has ticks, he is on generic frontline plus and he gets a vaccine shot once a year for lyme. He has had lyme three or four times....a big pain!!


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