Thursday, October 15, 2015

Last Weekend

My weekend didn't end until Wednesday so I didn't have a chance to talk about it until now.  We went to NY for another wedding which was another fabulous occasion.  I can not believe how much detail there is these days.  25 years ago it was simple.  The food was delicious and the dancing was fun.  And of course while we were in NY we ate some of our favorite foods.

The food frenzy continued when we got home as we went to the Italian Feast in Providence.  My aunt from NC was visiting so this was a big treat for her too.  Her visit was short and she was on her way back by Tuesday.

And back to the normal routine.

Oh, and there's only 2 sleeps until Rhinebeck!


mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful bride. Take care.

Carole Julius said...

Sounds like a great extended weekend!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I seriously want to come and hang out with you!
What a fabulous time you had, and just look at that beautiful bride!
I do agree, getting married now is a full time business! I'm so thankful
I only have one left at home.

karen said...

I think the details come from Pinterest influence. My nephew's wedding had so many thoughtful things! My daughter is NOT influenced by pinterest and the wedding was simple :) Lovely photos!!

Lisa said...

I have several friends who are either catering weddings or sell decor and supplies for weddings &'s really a big to-do these days. Personally, I prefer the simple weddings, but then, mine was long ago. Pinterest really does seem to have an influence...
Sounds like a terrific time, Donna. You sure know how to party! :)

elns said...

You've been having a fantastic time. Weddings are good reason to celebrate and I'm envious of all the tasty treats you got to enjoy. All the best! Have a great time in Rhinebeck.

Patty said...

I looked for you today! I hope you had a great day and got some great stuff :-)


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