Monday, September 14, 2015


It was a weekend all about fiber.  Spinning guild on Saturday and Amy's class on how to spin sock yarn on Sunday.  She's such a great teacher.  I took her class last year on how to spin for a sweater and I learned so much, as I did with this class.

The sock yarn pictured above is what Amy spun and knit into a sock.  The yarn almost seems like it's over-plied but that's what works for socks.  So my goal for the next sock yarn spin up is to get my yarn to look like that.  She gave us lots of samples in different colors so I think I will use those to spin for some striped socks.  So many possibilities!

And how was your weekend?

Joining Karen


elizabeth said...

how nice! glad for you!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I do think a trip north needs to be written in my planner.
Every time I see what you have been up to I want to come and
play too. I know I've told you before, but you really do have
the best weekends!
Is it harder to spin sock yarn than sweater yarn?

Bonny said...

What a wonderful "high-fiber" weekend!

kathy b said...

im thrilled for yOU!!
I m holding off on spinning just yet

Carole Julius said...

I'm jealous of that class!

karen said...

I thought you already spun for socks....maybe I just know you spin a lot! I love the springyness of the yarn that was spun, makes it fun to knit with. looks like a fun fun fun weekend!!


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