Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weekending - and Then Some

Our three day weekend turned into a 5 day weekend. We took a trip back to NY for my cousins wedding. 
And it was beautiful. My cousins wife is an amazing girl and I know they will be happy. She was literally bouncing up and down on the altar from the excitement. 
So after the two day party we came back home and relaxed. 
The weather was picture perfect and time spent outside was heavenly. 

We also took some time to celebrate the birthday of this special lady. 
My Nicole is no longer a teenager. She is a 20 year old. And I don't know how that happened. And I'm not sure I like it!  It's hard to take a step back and let them make adult decisions. Because in my head she is still my baby. And I guess she always will be. 


Carole Julius said...

Beautiful photos of the bride and groom. And Nicole, too! Happy Birthday and good luck with the growing pains, mama.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Such a beautiful wedding couple and I wish them a life time of happiness.

I hear you loud and clear Donna, the nerve of our babies growing up! My goodness, in my head I am still 17, you too? so how is it we have adult children?

Have a great week my friend.

mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful bride. Birthday wishes to your beautiful daughter, its never easy to let them grow up.

Janet said...

Beautiful photos. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

kathy b said...

Beautiful NICOLE!!!!! I love her outfit. Can I ask where she got it?
THe bride bouncing with joy is the cutest thing ever

karen said...

lovely wedding photos :) Happy birthday to your sweet girl!!! She is beautiful :)


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