Tuesday, September 29, 2015

10 on Tuesday

Life is about learning but I have learned that the older I get the less patience I have.  Carole's prompt today is 10 Things I Wish I Could Learn Instantly:

1.  Photoshop.  I have played around with it (as is evidenced by the above photo) but I know it does so much more.  It's just having the patience (and time) to sit and do it.
2.  Play the guitar.  I learned when I was in 4th grade but I didn't stick with it.  I wish I had.  
3.  Web design.  I want to do my blog over and design my web page (I have had the website for years but there is nothing on it).  
4.  Dancing.  I know how to dance and I have rhythm but doing it with a partner would be neat.  
5.  How to weave on a floor loom.  I could get the weaving down but that warping part is a bit intimidating.  
6.  Paint.  I had such a good time last year at Paint and Vino.  My painting was OK but I'm sure with practice (again - it takes time) it would be pretty nice.
7.  Sew.  I would love to make my own project bags.
8.  Investing.  I try to keep up with the stock market but I still feel like I'm missing the boat.  And I really do need to know more.  I'm sure my 401K isn't invested as wisely as it could be.
9.  Skiing.  On the snow that is.  
10.  Meditation.  I like to sit and have quiet time in the morning but I never really get to the part where I am actually meditating.  I'm sure there is so much more to it.  


Bonny said...

You and Carole can form a band after you both learn how to play the guitar!

Carole Julius said...

I think that's a great photo of you and your daughter! And yes, we do have some similarities on our lists! We could learn to play duets on our guitars, too!

deborah said...

I chuckled at the guitar one, because I put drums on my list, so I'm thinking we can form us a band! Haha!

I'd love to know more about web design, too. I realized that on some of these things, they are doable, but I don't have the drive to put in the effort, time, and dedication. :)

Have a good day!

Kwizgiver said...

I love your list--I could add so many to my list!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I laughed at your comment about patience, I am the opposite, the older I get the more I have.:)
I would love to learn Photoshop too, it's on my computer, but I am lost.

mamasmercantile said...

A great list, I would love to learn more about photoshop too, but I am computer illiterate so I wouldn't put myself through it.

Linda said...

I have sewing and weaving on my list also! I watched a video once on setting the whole loom up - I was exhausted by the end of that! And I was only watching - LOL!

Linda in VA

Kym said...

I've seen a few instruments popping up on lists today -- piano and drums and guitar and cello. You can all form a Ten on Tuesday band! Great list!

elns said...

What a great list! So many different things, it shows the diversity of your interests and personality too. :)

Janet said...

Beautiful photo and a nice list! Learning to weave would definitely be on my list too.

Lisa said...

beautiful smiles! :) I would love to learn how to dance with a partner, as you said. My dancing ended when I married Dan...he's not a dancer. :(

karen said...

paint is what I'd like to learn. I can dance, play the guitar (strumming chords).


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