Sunday, December 7, 2014

Getting a Grip

See that?  That Advent Wreath right there?  That's my Christmas decoration so far. And if it wasn't for my wonderful hubby that wouldn't be sitting on my table. I. Am. Sadly. Behind. Could it be my slight lack of Christmas spirit this year?  Could it be that I didn't even have time to prep for Thanksgiving since we were on vaca that previous week?  Who knows. The only thing I do know is that Christmas is coming whether I'm ready or not. 

So let's add a little more crazy to this. I still have gifts to knit. Now I know for most people this is a source of stress but it works for me. And I enjoy it. So let's see how crazy this is. My list of what needs to be knit is:

Two pairs of socks 
Three wash cloths
Two hats
One pair of thrummed mittens. 

So the good news is that I have until New Years to knit a couple of those things.  The question is - how many do you think I will actually finish?  Most years I would have faith that I could get it all done. This year is a mystery. 

So let's make this a contest shall we?  In the comments tell me how many items you think I can get finished before the end of the year. Whoever is closest will win a skein of yarn from my own stash (maybe one hand dyed by me?). If there is more than one correct guess I will have a drawing for the winner. Besides its my Blogiversary month and what better way to celebrate?  Good luck!!


mamasmercantile said...

How generous...happy bloganniversary! I am guessing that you will finish 6 items. Love the advents wreath.

Laura said...

What an awesome idea! Let's see...

I reckon you can finish 5 items by Christmas, although of course I hope you get them all done and have a nice relaxing time :)

Carole Julius said...

I think 2 pairs of socks is a bit ambitious at this point. I think you will finish 4 things.

Bonny said...

I don't know if this will help you feel better, but I don't even have an advent wreath up and no prospect of decorating this week. I think 3 washcloths and two hats are manageable so my guess is 5. You're right - Christmas will come whether we're ready or not, and I'm sure it will be fine!

mrsalyons said...

Happy bloganniversary! I found your blog through other knitting blogs and quite enjoy reading :)

I think you'll finish 7/8 and I'm cheering you on the whole way - haha!

Now back to my gift knitting. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

Patty said...

You'll finish them all! Merry Christmas.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Well, you are not alone in the not prepared department, sigh. I'm trying.
I think you will complete your whole list and since I really want to win a skein of your hand dyed yarn I hope you don't do anything else for the next few weeks, but knit!

karen said...

well do you have an advent wreath up and a plan to knit your brains out so I think you are on your way to success. I will be your elf cheerleader :)

Anonymous said...

I think you can get all three washcloths, the two hats, one pair of socks and half the mittens.

It's crazy, because I'm still knitting. Finished two pairs of slippers, two cowls and a tween sweater. Still have half a cowichan sweater and the rest of an infinity scarf to complete. Why do I do this to myself?

Good Luck. Some late nights with Christmas movies will help.

steph said...

I think you'll get 7 done for sure....the mitts, the hats, the washcloths, and one pair of socks. if you have a long (really long) car trip anytime in the mix----you get them all done!!!! Yay, Donna!!! You can do it!!!! (and I really need to win that skein of christmas tree is now blocking my yarn closet stash and I know I didn't drag out enough to keep me happy....there is enough to keep me busy, but I know I'll be bored SOON with what is out!!!!!!!!! and I won't be happy!) cheering you on!

elns said...

I say the washcloths and the hats! But keep me out of the drawing. I'm behind too, and my stash isn't!

Keep your spirit up. Really, it is a fun time of year, when we stop feeling too obligated about it all. :)

Lee said...

You have until the end of the year? I say all 8 will be complete! I hope I'm right for you and me!
Mamagiff on ravelry

kathy b said...

'll say 4!
Without pressure.


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