Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cruisin Part Two

So my favorite port was probably the first one. And that was Cozumel.  The color of the water made me want to dye yarn in those colors (spoken like a true fiber addict).  And jump in and swim.  Which we did in Grand Cayman but not in Cozumel because we had some plans for this port.  

This crazy bar was quiet in the morning but when it was time to get back on the ship it was hoppin. Did I mention the drinking age in Mexico is 18?  That made my daughter and god daughter very happy.  

Water melon  jello shots.  Cool idea, huh?  The kids loved them.  

This was the view from the bar.  And that's our ship.  

Our big plan for the day was swimming with the dolphins.  Now I'm not much for booking excursions because most of them are way overpriced but with this one you got the dolphins, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, all you can eat and all you can drink (booze included) for $79 a person.  Now my one complaint about this excursion was the price of the photos.  They were ridiculous.  And you couldn't really take your own and participate.  So the people pictured above were the ones who went after us.  No clue who they are.  We had a blast.  And the drinks were the best we had on the trip.

After the dolphins we went back towards the ship and did some shopping.  The kids picked up a couple of Mexican blankets, I got some Christmas ornaments and some sweat shirts.  It was a great day.  So it was back on the ship to relax at the pool and enjoy the sun some more.  Except.... it started to rain.  And continued for the next 2 days......


Bonny said...

All the gorgeous blues of the sky and water in your photos - I want fiber that captures those colors, too! Dolphins and drinks sound great, but not the rain. Looking forward to Part Three!

Carole Julius said...

Don't you love Mexico???

elns said...

Oh the color of the water is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like it was a great time for all, except for the rain!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

It looks just beautiful Donna, just beautiful.
My sister is a travel agent and goes on cruises several times a year, I've never been on one; maybe one day.

karen said...

looks like you had a fun time with your family and the dolphins!! I've never been on a cruise.

Chrisknits said...

I want to swim with dolphins!!! One of these days in Florida, I am going to do it!


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