Friday, November 7, 2014

Give Unto Others Part 1

Lots of sequels this week huh?

I happened to see on Karen's blog and Tracey's blog that our another dear blogging friend Anke was in need. Well, she wasn't in need, but a good friend of her's is.  It seems she has cancer and Anke thought it would be wonderful to get some hats over to her.

So as any knitter would, I dug into the stash and cast on a hat.  A Gnome Dome to be exact.

I thought this whimsical little hat might cheer her up around the holidays.  But I gotta tell ya - red is a killer to photograph!  

I love the little point at the top!  

It took no time at all.  I literally cast it on before I went to spinning group on Wednesday and went home with a finished hat 2 hours later.  That easy.

So if you find yourself with some time and a bit of spare stash (and what knitter doesn't have stash) go ahead and knit a hat.


Bonny said...

Your hat looks great in the holly! I think I'll cast one on this weekend. Thanks for sharing the giving!

Janet said...

What a sweet gift! I love the hat pattern.

mamasmercantile said...

How generous, a truly lovely hat and as you say great colour for over the festive period.

Carole Julius said...

I hardly ever knit hats and I should. That's a nice one and a generous thing of you to do.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Cute, cute hat! I just finished mine today and need to get it in the mail.
PS- I can't photograph white either :)

Have a great weekend.

karen said...

so cute! I am finishing mine up by tomorrow and mailing mine hopefully on Wednesday :)


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