Monday, August 11, 2014


The weekend started off on Friday
with a nice dinner with my parents and enjoying the outdoors
it was chilly enough to keep the bugs away but warm enough to sit

Saturday I had plans on going to Fiber Revival but my stomach had other plans
I sat home but I managed to knit and spin
and by days end I was almost feeling normal

Sunday was more knitting and spinning on the deck and a trip to get some clams
and take Mowgli to the beach
He obviously enjoyed it

I finished a book
I finished a pair of socks
And more on that later this week

How was your weekend?

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Jen said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! Aside from the stomach not feeling well. But you seem to have made the best of it. I am glad you are feeling better!

Hannah The Knit said...

Aww I'm sorry you ended up missing your revival but it sounds like a relaxing yet productive weekend x

Carole Julius said...

Missed you on Saturday! Sounds like the weekend was okay in spite of your stomach.

steph said...

glad the bug didn't ruin what was obviously a very very nice weekend! (nothing better than a wet, happy dog!)

karen said...

oh dear, I hope you were well when you missed a fiber festival! I love seeing your pup who is not a pup and how happy he is!!!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Chilly? Did you type Chilly? You know how envious I am of that word right?
Sorry you didn't feel well, but hey, the beach is always a great healer!

Bonny said...

Sorry for the stomach glitch, but the rest of your weekend sounds great. Love that blue, blue sky!

elns said...

Great pictures! Sorry your stomach gave you some ails, but your weekend for the most part sounded really great and summery :)

summer said...

WHat beautiful photos!! Looks like summer in full swing!!


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