Thursday, June 19, 2014

Make and Listen

Oh hey there!  How are ya?  It's been kinda quiet over here this week because I have no voice. Yes - I am sick again. This never happens. I might get one cold a year on average. But sick twice in three weeks?  Let's say I'm done till 2016.

I have been listening to the birds outside a lot - the weather has been perfect and I figured being outside would help my cold. So I have been knitting here and there between naps.

Making?  Not so much. I haven't had much energy. But I never did share my completed prayer shawl so here's a couple of shots. 

It is so soft!  And very light. Which is good since my friend lives in FL. 

She loves it and it's keeping her hugged and loved as she's having a tough time with the chemo she's going through. Next week she finds out about having her hip replaced. 

So keep the prayers coming. She said she appreciates them so very much. 

Come and visit Jen's Blog to see what others are making and listening to. 


Carole Julius said...

It's so hard to watch a friend go through this, isn't it? I'm sorry you've been sick but in the grand scheme of things, well, it could be worse.

karen said...

I think I added her to the prayer list when you mentioned her before. May she be comforted while wrapped up in your shawl!! Which is beautiful!!

Susan said...

You are a good friend! The prayer shawl is beautiful--it looks soft, and light, and full of love. I will be praying for your friend. And for you. I"m so sorry to hear that you are sick again. It's such a rotten time of year to not feel well. (((Hugs)))

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I think colds are the worse and hope you are better soon. Lots of liquids :)

I am working on a prayer shawl for the women's ministry at my church and when they called I thought of you; I know your shawl is offering comfort and yes, I'm still praying.

Jen said...

Your friend has been in my prayers & will continue to be! Your prayer shawl is beautiful!! I know what a comfort they are. When Baby V was in the NICU she received one and it was such a comfort knowing she was covered in prayer when she laid under it. It is now her special lovey. I hope you can enjoy the gorgeous weather and no more getting sick!!! Thank you for linking up :-)

Linda said...

I can feel the love you knit into the prayer shawl! She will cherish it!

Linda in VA


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