Monday, May 12, 2014

NH Sheep and Wool

We started watching the weather for Saturday during the week. It wasn't looking great. One day was up the next was down. We made the decision to go for it. NH Sheep and Wool only happens once a year so we figured we would brave the storms. Unfortunately this meant I was leaving the good camera home. Again!

 So I present to you memories of NH via iPhone Photos.
Look at those faces. Just precious. 
Are you seeing this costume?
It was fleece heaven!  Did I fall into one?
Why yes I did!  A beautiful white Corriedale that is oh so soft. Ill process this one myself. 
Yarn anybody?
And look at that fiber. 

And the weather? It poured on us the entire way up. When we got to the Fairgrounds it stopped. It was magic. 

I was good. I bought my fleece and the lace weight yarn from Judy at Ball and Skein I was looking for to make Viajante over the summer. 

Gotta pace myself ya know. RI Sheep and Wool is this coming Saturday. 


Carole Julius said...

Beautiful photos! I haven't been to NHS&W for several years and I miss it.

karen said...

so glad you went and bought some fiber! I cannot believe how white that fiber looks!!

flyingjen said...

I really need to find myself a fiber show... looks like fun!

Janet said...

Great photos! Our fiber festival is this weekend and I'm making my list. :-)


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