Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 On Tuesday

Carole switched things up a bit and asked us to write 10 sentences that start with the word "I feel".

So lets go:

1.  I feel sorta sad that the Olympics are over.
2.  I feel ready to catch up on all the regular TV shows I missed that are on my DVR though.
3.  I feel hopeful that I can catch up on some knitting now that my hands are feeling better (thank you Tracy - that Blue Emu worked wonders too).
4.  I feel energized after that burst of warm weather over the past weekend.  Sitting outside in the sun felt wonderful while I knit.

5.  I feel relieved that February is coming to an end.  I have no problems saying Good Bye to the last full month of winter this year.
6.  I feel excited about March being closer - I looked at my calendar and we have a lot of stuff going on this coming month.
7.  I feel frustrated because my To Do list is longer than the hours in my day lately.
8.  I feel a bit more educated on using my camera.  I spent some time over the weekend playing with different settings and the way they affect the photos.
9.  I feel overwhelmed at the office.  Lots of projects are hitting at once which means I'll be spending some long hours getting them done.
10.  I feel like taking some vacation time to catch up on things, and especially to view some Craftsy Classes that I still haven't watched yet.


Tracey said...

I'm so glad the Blue Emu is helping. I use it on my legs and my mom, who has bad arthritis, uses it on her hands.

I'm sad the Olympics are over too.

Carole Julius said...

I started out strong with the Olympics but I kind of lost interest (or maybe it was just opportunity) by the end of the two weeks. I feel happy about reading everyone's posts this week!

karen said...

Great list! I like winter and I'm ready for march :) now the weather is no where near springlike yet...hope the office settles down for you!

Patty said...

I'm going to have to take a look at that Blue Emu! Great list and hopefully being busy makes spring come faster!


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