Sunday, February 23, 2014


It was a beautiful weekend!  I got out and enjoyed the warm weather (well, warm for February).  I played with my camera a bit and went to the beach.

Of course by the time I got there the wind was blowing.

In the midst of taking pictures I turned and noticed this.

That didn't look good at all.  I went across the bridge to see what it was.

The good news is that everyone got out OK.  Their pets sadly did not.  The young family lost everything. Neighbors have been buying little items for them such as toothbrushes and such.  Very scary how quickly life can change.

Definitely not the pictures I had in mind when I took my camera out.

Definitely puts life in perspective. 


Jen said...

Do you know how old the kids are? I have plenty of things here I could give to them if they are girls around the ages of mine. I've been thinking of them all weekend. Thank God they are all fine, but I can't imagine the horror they e going through, :-(

Carole Julius said...

That's just awful and I'm sorry it happened to this family. It must be devestating.

Tracey said...

Life can change in a blink! How sad for this young family. My husband's grandmother lost everything in a house fire when she was younger. She told me in later years how it affected her outlook on life and how 'things' were something she never cared about again, it was always about people...something I have never forgotten.

Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

Beautiful beach pictures. I especially like the ones with the shells. So sad abut the fire...I'm glad the neighbors are helping out as much as they can.

karen said...

so sad to see tragedy strike, I hope the community helps them out. The beach looks inviting and lovely!!


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