Monday, January 27, 2014


My weekend started with a big To Do List that I was intent on getting done.  Did I finish?  Almost.  But not quite.  I did

-go through my yarn stash and pulled out some for upcoming projects
-started and finished a project 
-read my Dyers Garden Book
-planned our vacation
-spent quality time with the adult child
-set up my Eye-fi card in my camera so I can post photos quicker
-fixed the buttonholes on hubby's sweater (they were way too big)
-enjoyed the fact that there was no place I had to be or anytime to have to be there

How was your weekend?


Tracey said...

Wow, you got a lot accomplished!
I cast on a sleeve for a new sweater so I do feel like it was a productive weekend. ;)

karen said...

"no place I had to be" that is a great weekend! love the colors in your yarn bowl and now I await to see what you whip up!!

Carole Julius said...

That's a good list of accomplishments !

Susan said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend! I like your yarn bowl; it reminds me of ice cream : )


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