Monday, January 27, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

You are really making me embrace this winter thing aren't you Carole?  While I am generally not a complainer I can say I am done with the Polar Vortex nonsense and am ready for warmer weather. In the meantime here are 10 Things I Like About Winter.

1. Knitting. Lots of it with warm heavy yarn. 
2. Getting to wear all that warm heavy yarn once it has been transformed into its useful state. 
3. Football. 
4. Watching TV - guilt free without feeling like I should be outside. 
5. Winter means no leaves on the trees so my waterview from the living room is prime this time of year. 
6. Garden planning. Nothing makes me feel more hopeful than all the flowers that will be blooming in around 4 months 
7. No bugs. It's too damn cold for most of them to survive. 
8. Snuggling with the family. I love them but when it's 90 degrees please stay out of my personal space so I don't spontaneously combust. 
9. Snow. Only if it's over 2 feet so I don't have to leave the house. 
10. Lighting candles. It's too darn hot on the summer so I don't do it then. But winter time? Look out.

What do you like about winter?  Give me some help here.....


Carole Julius said...

I'm trying to embrace it all! It's rough this year, though, huh? Great list.

margene said...

I'm getting ready to embrace February as January is almost over!

karen said...

There's always a bright side isn't there?? Love the no bugs one :)

Bonny said...

Your list gave me some great reminders about the positives in winter, especially knitting and no bugs!

Janet said...

Good reminders that there are some positives about this weather. I love a little mental escape while I browse through the garden catalogs. :)

Patty said...

No bugs! And especially no stink bugs like last winter! Those puppies were out to get me ;-) Great list Donna - started and finished something - excellent!

Vicki Knitorious said...

That tricky tricky Carole making us spin this awful time of year into something good! :)

flyingjen said...

I love winter in the summer and in the winter I love summer!


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