Friday, January 3, 2014

The Annual Tradition

By now you know that each year right after Christmas my friend Diane and I take a little trip up to Yankee Candle in Deerfield MA.  There's almost always snow and it really has a Christmas feel to it.

I must say that each year there seems to be less and less bargains, but overall we come out of there with quite the wagon full of stuff.

On the way to Yankee Candle we happen to go right past Webs.  For those who don't live in New England, imagine going into a building about the size of a grocery store and having it be full of yarn, weaving looms, spinning wheels, books, needles, accessories, etc...  And of course we have to stop there.

Ready to see what I got?

3 skeins of yarn and some odds and ends.  That is it.

This was crazy cheap - like $9 a skein.  I got two.  I'm sure they will be Christmas presents.  Those will make some warm socks.

This will be a pair of ballerina flats for me.  I think I've got that pattern memorized so while I do I think I'll knit it this weekend.

These little accessories go with the beautiful Namaste Bag I got for Christmas.  I love to be all matchy-matchy like that.

And this stuff is great.  It's like a bar of soap but it just soaks into your hands.  I have been using it before I knit and it's been keeping my hands pretty smooth. They have been so dry lately.  And being that it's 8 degrees out I'm sure I'll be using a bunch of it today.

Stay safe out there - it's a cold one.


karen said...

One day I will be in webs. I like to be match in gas well. Something about it makes it feel more organized!! Love your purchases!!!

Tracey said...

What a wonderful trip and something to look forward to every year.

Happy New Year.

Carole Julius said...

I was at WEBS on Monday and I only bought 2 skeins of yarn. I think the ROOM full of YARN at home slowed me down a bit. Now, Yankee Candle would be entirely different!

simona said...

Oh, of COURSE you had to stop there!!! :)

I've got relatives in New England, so your type of weather is on my weather app... all I can say is: Stay warm!


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