Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 On Tuesday

Let me preface this ToT by saying that as much as I love breakfast I normally don't eat it unless it's the weekend. I mean - l have a little something later in the morning such as a granola bar but eating first thing in the morning is not my regular routine. When I do indulge here are my favorites. 

1.  French Toast Bake. I just found this recipe and it's great. A bit sweet but good all the same. 
2.  Pancakes. My grandma would make these for me whenever I slept over so it's my favorite!
3.  No eggs. At all. Cooked any way. My mom made tons of them while we were growing up and subsequently my brother and I can't stand them. 
4.  Bagels. A good NY bagel. Toasted with a little bit of butter. 
5.  Belgian waffles. I have not been able to master these on my own. I think I need a new waffle iron. 
6.  Granola. Sometimes with yogurt. Sometimes with milk. Ocassionally with some fruit on the side. 
7.  Grapefruit. Especially during the summer. 
8.  Monkey bread. This is a staple when Nicole has friends sleep over. Never any leftovers. 
9.  On Christmas - Italian Cheesecake. But only on Christmas. 
10.Toast with peanut butter. Especially home made bread. 

What do you  like to eat for breakfast?  Give us some ideas over at Carole's.


Gale NoName said...

I feel the same way about potatoes as you do about eggs. Funny about that.

Susan Moore said...

English muffin with pbutter and a small gkass of oj

karen said...

I wake around five, eat around seven and it's boring dull Cheerios :) I'm not much of a sugar in the morning girl!

Janet said...

If I could have my way, I'd start every morning with a cheese danish. Instead, it's a glass of juice and cereal.

dianne said...

I love french toast! I'm going to have to try your casserole! Thanks for the link.

Tracey said...

Now I want cheesecake!!!

I don't eat first thing in the morning due to the meds I have to take [no food allowed], but usually around 10:00 a.m. I have a green juice or else I make a fruit/vegetable smoothie which seems to hold me until I eat lunch at around 2:00.

Carole Julius said...

I love eggs done just about any way. And I just realized I didn't list pizza on my list! I used to eat that all the time for breakfast.

elns said...

I can only egg when it is scrambled. I know, that in itself is a whole classification of oddball. I like toast with one of the three main berry jams: strawberry; raspberry; blackberry. I like to eat it at my desk, an hour and a half after I made it and it's been riding around in my bag, two halves folded upon itself so it doesn't get jam on the sandwich bag with my lukewarm cup of coffee after the morning drop off.

Now I want pancakes. Yes, the weekend. What about those Danish ones I can't spell? Those are fun!


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