Monday, October 7, 2013



as per usual, did some knitting
did not finish sweater
too many distractions
nobody was hurt so I consider that a win
somebody might get hurt if that sweater does not come off the needles tonight
consider it a warning

got some fun mail
including some very cool buttons for abovementioned sweater
and owl stitch markers from Staci at the Must Stash Shop
because she is awesome
and if you watch her podcast you will find that out also

bought some Halloween items
succumbed to the fact that it's October

made plans for the Columbus Day weekend
which is my favorite 3 day weekend of the year

bought a paper planner
because even though most things are kept in my phone
some things I need to see in black and white in front of me
didn't set it up yet - more distractions prevented that also

looking forward to a more quiet week


Carole Julius said...

Sounds like a rapid fire kind of weekend. Good luck getting that sweater finished!

Deborah Hamilton said...

Those stitch markers are so cute! I bought some at Hobby Lobby and attached ear wires to them and wore them as earrings. You might like to check out my blog because I link to Weekending each Monday. You might want to link your post, too.

Jen said...

Ohhh I Love the stitch markers!! So cute! I'm in denial that it's almost Halloween. I was talking to my sister-in-law yesterday about Ree's costume. She asked if I was making it? I said no, buying it this year. She suggested I high tail it to the store. Good think too 'cause we went this morning & it was the last one!!! Phew. I'm the same with paper planners. I need to have one. All the technology organizational things don't keep me organized like the planners!

karen said...

Cute markers! You need to cast on something super quick to use them. I guess your favorite three day weekend is mine as well :)


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