Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10 On Tuesday

We woke up to seasonal temps today in the 50s and boy did it feel good!  Fall is here, and from what the forecast says it looks like its here to stay.  And this leads into this Tuesdays topic - 10 Ways To Embrace Autumn (or at least how I'm embracing it).

1.  I'm enjoying my iced Pumpkin Coffee from Dunkin.  The day I get to the drive thru and they tell me "I'm sorry we don't have that any longer" will be truly sad for me.
2. Mowgli is wearing his Autumn/Halloween attire.
This shirt says "My Mummy Loves Me"

This is his Old Navy shirt.  They have the cutest stuff for dogs.

3.  Apples are in season!  I haven't had a chance to bake with any but it's on the list for this weekend.
4.  The leaves are finally changing.  Just.  Starting.  
5.  I bought some Halloween decorations for my desk.  OK - and some candy too.
6.  We are going to the Italian Feast on Atwells Ave. in Providence on Saturday.  Best Italian food ever.  And it's held every Columbus Day weekend.
7.  I am wearing my hand knits. My Brickless is being worn for the first time today.
8.  I am enjoying knitting sweaters.  It's finally cool enough to be able to have that mass of wool sitting on your lap.
9.  Lighting my Yankee Candles.  Sadly I need another Autumn scented one.  
10.  www.funtober.com  Check it out. Lot's of great Autumn ideas!


Carole Julius said...

I haven't worn any hand knits yet but I think the fingerless mitts should be making a debut any morning now. Great list!

Patty said...

Mowgli is so cute! And I've been wearing my Clapotis (which sadly has never seen much wear) on the dog walks the past couple of rainy days.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to wear my knitting - especially Brickless as I just finished it.


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