Thursday, October 17, 2013

It Was A Late Night

I went to my Spinning group with my buddies last night and brought my knitting with me instead of my wheel.  I have such an urge to spin lately but I haven't indulged because of the knitting deadlines I have.  They are self imposed - nobody is standing over me with a whip to get anything done.  My first goal was to finish my sweater.  Done.  Second was to finish the Orange Brickless.  As I was knitting away and chatting with everyone I realized that I didn't have much yarn left.  And then I decided - it was getting finished. Before I went to bed.
And I did it.  I did the bind off and into the soak it went.
And most of my Kool Aide stayed in the yarn.  No bleeding.
And I set it out to block.  I love how the lace just opens up after it blocks.
So it is sitting on my dining room table and will be ready to wear Saturday to Rhinebeck.  The weather forecast is saying sunny and 63 degrees for Saturday, so it's probably the only hand knit I will be wearing. So if you see a lady in an orange scarf - you found me.


Tyna said...

Oh my goodness...that color! It gives me shivers! In a good did you get that magnificent color?!?!

Hanni said...

This scarf is stunning! I love the yarn you used! Orange is the new black ;)
Wishing you a lovely day,
P.s. And I am so envy that you have 63 degrees around, here we are having very rainy and windy days..

Carole Julius said...

That is a fantastic color and so perfectly seasonal! Have a great time at Rhinebeck!

Jen said...

I love it!!!! I so wish I was going to Rhinebeck this year. We were supposed to buuuut at 32 weeks pregnant with the drive & walking around....I don't think it'd be much fun for me. Next year! (Maybe!)

karen said...

gorgeous!! Love the saturation and you will be a beautiful lady while looking for more "stuff" to buy this weekend :)

Bonny said...

That is one stunning Brickless! Enjoy Rhinebeck with your lovely shawl!

Miu said...

It is so beautiful!


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