Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It's September and I have so many random thoughts about that running through my head

-it's going to get chilly, real soon
-because of that I am feeling the need to knit a cardigan for myself NOW
-we are going to go apple picking soon
-Halloween is really on the brain because I have a couple pairs of Halloween socks to finish
-I started thinking Christmas and gifts already
-I have a couple of people who are "knit-worthy" and I will take care of them this holiday season
-I feel like I should take the beach gear out of the car but I'm hoping to get there a couple more evenings
-the list of Fall Sheep and Wool events is swimming in my head as I decide which ones I want to attend
-I wonder how much longer I can keep my office window open before it gets too cold
-we need to make a plan for King Richard's Faire before we run out of weekends

Sometimes I think my life is one big TO DO list!


kathy b said...

I would love to attend the sheep and wool again I LOVED the crook and whistle contest we saw 5 years ago.
Yes to the beach again! kayaks may go into Lake M tomorrow .
LOVE sleeping with a blanket last night

I love your term knit worthy for SOME who get our knit gifts

Carole Julius said...

These days definitely fly by and it's good that you are making a plan to make the most of September and the fall!

karen said...

I love your list. I have a ton of things swimming in my head since getting back in town. I've written some of them :)

Janet said...

I always have a list (or two) going. Knitting a cardigan, a visit to the orchard and Christmas gift planning are on my lists as well. King Richard's Faire sounds like great fun.


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