Friday, August 30, 2013

It's the Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend.  I can't believe it's here already.  It feels strange this year.  Maybe because it's the first time in 15 years that I'm not worrying about "back to school" shopping, school schedules, etc..  Nicole is in college and even though she still lives at home, most of the schooling is now her responsibility.  I didn't need to take her shopping for clothes. She went with her friends.  She made her schedule with her advisors.  She knows her way around campus. She's got it all figured out on her own.    I'm merely there to "guide" her a bit if she has a question.

I thought it would be depressing to have to step back and not be involved.  I have to say - I'm loving it.  I might even spend the weekend like the cat - sitting and enjoying myself.

Have a fun stress free weekend!


karen said...

I knew you would love it, you are a "kindred spirit" (stolen from Anne of Green Gables). I do miss my kids a teeny bit more than usual, what's up with that???

kathy b said...

I spent my weekend with black cats and it was wonderful. Zach is teaching now, so school is so different! I spent a ton of time watching hummingbirds at our feeder. Lots of knitting too. Some reading of the blind cat book: Homer. The similarities between my Pie and Homer are amazing to read about


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