Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 On Tuesday

I love to dance so I love this weeks 10 on Tuesday.

10 Songs That Make You Want To Dance!

Now remember, I have a teenager in the house (some of the time at least) who listens to Hip Hop so some of my selections are definitely not from my generation!

1.  Madonna - Get Into The Groove.  When I hear this I am immediately 19 again and dancing at the club on a Friday night.
2.  Earth Wind & Fire - Let's Groove.  I don't even know what year that came out but it's one of my favorites.
3.  Sean Kingston - Fire Burning.  I went to so many of those darn Summer Jam concerts with my daughter and this was actually a song that I loved to dance to.  I was thankful that she was old enough to go without me this year and went with friends.
4.  Flo Rida - Low. Every time I hear this song I think of a Christmas party we went to.  This song was popular at the time and we got my father to dance.  We were surprised how low he could go!
5.  Chris Brown - She Ain't You. I love how he blended Michael Jackson in there.  I hate how he has become a thug since this song came out.
6.  Shalamar - A Night To Remember.  Great memories of this song driving my 82 Camaro.
7.  Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines.  That song ain't going away any time soon.  But it's got a catchy beat that makes your feet tap, doesn't it?
8.  Earth Wind & Fire - September.  Another great beat.   It reminds me of the move "Soul Food".
9.  Marcia Griffiths - The Electric Slide.  I danced to this on the cruise and can't believe I still remembered how to do it.
10.  Jamie Foxx - Blame It.  Who knew he could sing too?

I could come up with another 20!

What makes you dance?

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Carole Julius said...

Yeah, ummmm, I don't know most of these. LOL.


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