Monday, August 19, 2013


It was a busy weekend!

Saturday was spent at the Washington County Fair with the spinning guild
And I didn't take too many blog worthy pictures
I did take a couple on my way there
Above is the view from the Jamestown Bridge
It was a perfect boating day
Sunday we went to a Pawsox game
And of course there was some knitting
We visited some old friends and got to see all the kids before they all go away
to college next week
I'm still in denial that this is happening
Not that my daughter is leaving, but she is starting college and is no longer in high school
I got to finish and block Brickless
And if we are lucky I will get to take some good pictures tonight and show you tomorrow!

How was your weekend?


kathy b said...

So lovely. I was OFF! I so enjoy not working weekends anymore. The college step is a big'll be okay as long as she's okay! It is a big transition but you will get there!
I didnt like the back and forth emotions that the college days bring. Frankly I m glad it is over for our kids. I love having them working. :)

karen said...

as long as you have knitting you will be fine with college starting. I made sure I packed plans to the brim with all the next chapters starting-it worked!


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