Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekending - Elaborated

So I mentioned that we went to a baseball game over the weekend.  We love to go see the Pawsox play. For those who don't live here, its the AAA Team for the Boston Red Sox.  And yes, it does kill this Yankee fan to cheer for the Red Sox, but hey, ya gotta go with what ya got.  We do try and go when they play the AAA Yankee team and then we cheer for them instead just to mix it up a bit.
We had awesome seats.
Second row near third base.  You have to be careful and pay attention to foul balls.  There were only a couple of near misses so it was all good.
And the seat on my left was reserved, of course.


Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Donna, you just never know who you'll sit by when you go to a stadium event...so glad you had such a friendly "neighbor"!! :) How fun! We used to go to games in farm team games over in Portland years ago...not so much now that we live in the sticks. Being from Pittsburgh, I'm a Pirates fan. :)

paula@weewhimsicals said...

I love that your yarn travels where you go. Beach, ballgames...mine recently went to car racing. Or car collisions, as was really the case.
P.S. I'm recognizing a few of the spaces you've visited lately ~ we are in Middletown. :)

karen said...

sounds exciting to be knitting and dodging foul balls :) talk about multitasking! Lovely weather in the photos!

Anonymous said...

A perfect place to take knitting! I try to take mine every wear just in case.


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