Monday, August 5, 2013

Random Monday

There's so many thoughts running through my head this morning. So here ya go!

I'm a happy camper - the weather is so beautiful right now.  There is a breeze blowing and it feels like September.  I could deal with this weather every day.

I have two major projects I must finish at work.  I will be out a couple of days this week so that will add a challenge to it.  I'm up for it.

I need to bring Mowgli back to puppy class.  He has done real well but we are having a hard time with leash walking and him jumping on people when he first meets them.  Both issues need to be handled asap before he gets any bigger.  The vet says he's not going to get much bigger, but 35 lbs. of dog jumping on you still is unacceptable.

I need to organize my iPad a bit.  I have to get rid of some apps I don't use and learn how to utilize the ones that I do.

I finished spinning the pretty blue fiber I was working on.  I'll ply tonight hopefully and soak it.  This weather is perfect for drying yarn!

Have a great Monday!


kathy b said...

M puppy is adorable. GOod for you and the follow through with classes > Jumping is so annoying!

Carole Julius said...

Our Dixie jumped on people too and it was a real challenge to break her of it - we probably waited too long. So, good for you for getting this under control now.

karen said...

We have to train Frodo to not pull on the leash. Not fun at all. Love your puppy who looks all grown up!!

Anonymous said...

The best trick i found for teaching my Rocco to not jump was to make him sit before he was allowed to be petted by anyone entering the door. This started off with treats but now he knows if he wants me to acknowledge his presence he needs to sit down and THEN he will get greeted. As soon as he is up on all fours the pettings stops. It is a hard habit to break once it gets started!

Patty said...

Hmmm...puppy arriving tomorrow. Classes won't be too far behind!


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