Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 On Tuesday

These are rocks on the beach in St. John Canada from our trip earlier this summer.   I just loved how they looked and really - they have no significance in this weeks 10 on Tuesday.  But hey, it's my blog and I'll do what I want to.

10 Ways To Describe Yourself in an Interview

1.  Creative
2.  Funny
3.  Thoughtful
4.  Friendly
5.  Generous
6.  Peaceful
7.  Different
8.  Positive
9.  Compassionate
10. Easy-going

No elaborating.

Try it.

It's not easy!

I just  hope others see me the same way.


Margie said...

It's a good list! I did my list too, and like you, I hope that others see me as I see myself! :)

Carole Julius said...

I like that peaceful part. I could use more coworkers like that!

Nichole Burke said...

It wasn't easy... and I'm actually looking for a job at the moment! Happy ToT!

Mary said...

this one was hard, wasn't it? (although it was nice to have "no elaboration"!) I love your peaceful and easy-going - those are welcome additions to friendships and workteams, especially when there are so many drama queens!

Gothknits said...

I had a tough time too. Especially trying to hone it down to single words.

Humor is an important trait in the workforce. So few people realize that.


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