Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 On Tuesday

This weeks 10 is all about being grateful.  And it's something we should remember often.  Thank you Carole for the reminder!

10 things I was grateful for last week:

1.  My stepmom got positive news about some test results.  It could have been icky bad but it looks like all will be well with the help of some antibiotics.
2.  I got to pick Nicole up from work Friday night in the middle of all the heavy rain.  She usually just drives her own car, but she had a friend drop her off and asked if I could pick her up.  When it came time it was raining like crazy and the roads were pretty well flooded.  I was fine in my big truck but I would have been concerned with her driving her car.
3.  The sun came out over the weekend and we got to enjoy it!  I even got some color.
4.  I got to sit by the water and do nothing but smell the sea air for a good 15 minutes.  It's rare that I just sit and do nothing but I kind of enjoyed it and was glad that I got the chance.  I even took a couple of pictures, like the one above of the flag.
5.  To be able to sit and snuggle with Mowgli.  He's lost his puppy smell, but I love that he will just sit on my lap and put his head on my shoulder so I can rub his ears.  I'm not sure how this "sitting on the lap" thing is going to work out when he's 70 lbs.
6.  I hung clothes outside and I just love the smell of fresh clothes on the line!  I thought the sun wouldn't stay out long enough but it did.
7.  I got some quality knitting time in.  It felt great to sit on the deck early in the morning and knit and watch podcasts.
8.  We got some college courses straightened out.  Nicole will be starting mid July and it turns out she doesn't have to take some courses they originally thought she would.
9.  Speaking of Nicole, she was invited to spend the day with a friend of ours who is a nurse mid-wife.  She's going to make sure it's on a day where she has a patient scheduled for induction so she can watch a birth.
10.  We had a nice family dinner mid week to celebrate the end of school.  It's a rare occasion these days when everybody is available to go out at the same time!
11. Nicole's sweetheart returned safely from his short deployment.  It wasn't for too long, but it was nice to know he was home safe and sound.
12.  We found out a friend who is pregnant is having a boy.  It's actually my friend's daughter, who was 8 years old when Nicole was born.  She was so excited when I had her and I remember thinking "she's going to be such a good mom."  And here we are.

OK - so I went over the 10.  But I had more to be grateful for than I thought once I started writing it all down.  What are you grateful for these days?


Carole Julius said...

This is a wonderful list and you created awesome pictures with your words of all the good things in your week.

Kim said...

It's great that you have so much to be grateful for that you were able to just keep going!

kathy b said...

Aww grateful your daughter is becoming a nurse.
We need smart girls in nursing. THe bedside is ever challenging and rewarding at the same time.
I love your list of gratitudes.

IM grateful I found someone throwing out some plastic white chairs that I can use tonight when knit friends gather here!

Leslie said...

Good news, safety, fresh clothes, sunshine at the sea. . . such a good list.

hillary said...

That was such a great list. My daughter who drives asked for a ride last week due to the torrential rain too and I was very grateful that she had the sense to do so.

hillary said...

Great list. Those are wonderful things to be grateful for.

Patty said...

Babies! We've got two coming in our family - always something to be grateful for!

karen said...

a beautiful list! How exciting that your daughter is onto college-love those years!!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

That's some list! So many good things to be thankful for, so why stop at 10? :)

I, too, rarely sit still, but that photo you took is amazing. Sometimes I think I'm so busy I miss things. Sigh. And I really love the smell of line-dried laundry, too.

Blessings, ~Lisa :)

Rebecca said...

oh you do have so much to be grateful for and your gratitude really shows through. i got chills several times - happy for you :D


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