Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yarning Along and Other Things

I can't believe a whole week has gone by without  a post.  I have no particular reason for that.  It's school vacation week so I have been out of my routine a bit I guess.  There are lots of yarny things going on though.  I found a good project to get through my huge cotton yarn stash.
I'm working on a Crochet Bag , which I will turn into more of a basket and use as a project bag, so to speak.  It's taking me a little longer to work on than I thought it would.  And boy does it eat up yarn!   I may have to go and get some more.
My original thought was that I was going to destash a bunch and maybe make some smaller bags for Mother's Day but I'm not sure if that will work.  I need to take it easy with the crochet because it doesn't agree with my wrist.  Booo.  So of course I cast on something else in the meantime.
It's another baby blanket and it's going pretty fast.  Another no-thinking project which is what I'm all about these days.  You can see Mowgli has to be occupied with his own hobby while I knit.  We still love to chew yarn when nobody is looking.
Kinda tough to get mad at him though.


karen said...

he is so sweet! You could fall right into those deep eyes!! Lovely knitting and have fun with your pup!

kathy b said...

I LOVE the bright cotton yarns

and i

Brenda said...

My first Yorkie never outgrew her bones. She would lay by me in the evening, chewing while I knit. That was fine, except she expected/demanded that I hold them for her when they got too short for her to grasp in her paws. (I think she may have been a *little* spoiled.) Your little guy is too cute---like a tiny black bear.


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