Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 on Tuesday

I had to sit back and think about this weeks 10 on Tuesday.  It didn't take me long though to come up with 10 Things I Miss From My Childhood.

1.  Being silly.  When you're a kid - you just can!  Now I get real silly from time to time, but I think as a kid it just comes naturally - and without any guilt.
2.  My pool. It was nothing fancy.  It was your standard above the ground round pool.  We had a blast in it! And it wasn't my problem to clean or take care of it (which is one of the reasons we don't have one anymore).
3.  Sleepovers.  Every weekend was a girls sleepover.  Especially as we got to our teen years.
4.  Santa Claus.  There was nothing like the magic of Santa Claus!  I love Christmas, but when Santa becomes, ahem... "a different reality" a bit of the childhood magic is lost.
5.  Lack of responsibility.  You had three meals a day, a place to sleep and it all just happened, without you having to do a thing.
6.  Mom's cooking.  Kind of like #5 - it just sorta happened without having to do anything to make it so.
7.  The ice cream man!  No explanation needed.
8.  Spending time with my grandparents.  We spent quite a few weekends at my grandparents house and they are some of the best memories.  Up until a couple of years ago I still had 2 of my 4 grandparents around.  I can't believe I am approaching 50 and I still have my grandpa with me.  He will be 100 in April.
9.  Watching TV on Saturday - all day.  My brother and I would usually fight over what we would watch but eventually settle in and enjoy what we picked.  And there were always snacks to go along with it.
10.  Summertime.  Now we obviously still have a summer, but I don't have the pleasure of having that time off.  I should have been a teacher!


Carole Julius said...

Your list is wonderful and I love the nostalgic feeling I've got today!

KnitNana said...

I'm like you, should have been a teacher! Congrats to your grandfather, too, that's some milestone.
I enjoyed reading your list!

Patty said...

Great list Donna! The round pool - the neighbors had one and we had a blast - making whirlpools right? And those summers...what I wouldn't do for that again.

Teri said...

My grandfather (we called him "Gramps") had an awesome aboveground pool. He lived in Florida, we lived in California, so we didn't get to see him that much, but I still remember our first family trip to see him. We didn't have a pool in California, so we LIVED in that pool during that trip. He would join us in it almost every day. It was great.

Kym said...

Ain't childhood grand??? :-)


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