Monday, November 19, 2012


Before you ask - the weekend was NOT spent getting a puppy.  We just happened to pass by this pet store and found a little cutie.  Besides that, we enjoyed our weekend

-finally finalizing the Thanksgiving Day menu
-dealing with a broken clothes dryer
-lunch and shopping with my bestie
-checking out a new craft shop, which of course lead to buying some yarn
-catching up on some knitting podcasts
-realizing that the Holiday season is REALLY upon us

How was your weekend?


Carole Knits said...

Of course the yarn shop meant yarn purchasing!

Nichole said...

That is a cutie... so sad to see pet stores still exist and run in so many states, supporting puppy mills. :( I always want to save them all as well...

Susan said...

I wish you had gotten a puppy so I could live vicariously through you! :) Although I agree with Nichole, I'm sad pet stores are still around. All the ones near me shut down, so I forgot they still exist.


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