Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10 On Tuesday

Since Carole is away on vacation this week there really isn't a 10 On Tuesday.  However, I thought of my own today, so I just sorta went with it.

10 Ways to Get Your Knitting Mojo Back

1.  Look at Ravelry.  Especially under the most popular patterns.  Kinda makes you want to jump on whichever bandwagon suits your fancy at the moment.

2.  Look at your blog.  Seeing everything you have knit in the past can be motivating.  It can also remind you of what you have in your stash.

3.  Dig in that stash.  See what you have and what seems to be calling you (if you don't feel the call, you may have to resort to item 10 below).

4.  Go to your local knit night.  Being with other knitters can be very motivating.

5.  Watch podcasts.  I get so ambitious when I see the Knit Girllls and everything they are up to.  They kinda make me feel like a slacker.  Diane over at Knitabulls is another one who inspires me.  And I can't forget Ashley and Dory over at A Spinners Whirled.  The list can go on....

6.  Talking to my Plurk buddies.  It's all knitting talk all day over there and I just love it.

7.  Looking at Instagram.  Lots of knitting pictures, yarn pictures, project ideas....

8.  Yarn Along.  Wednesday has become my favorite blog reading day of the week.  I love seeing what everyone is up to.

9.  Go to the bookstore and check out the latest knitting magazines. I love going into Barnes and Noble and grabbing a handful of knitting magazines to look through with my cup of coffee.

10. Go to the yarn store.  I know - this can be very dangerous and I only mention it as a last resort.

I'm hoping one of the above suggestions will help me - because my mojo has left the building and cannot be found.  I'll let you know if he appears.  I may have to file a missing persons report.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

All great suggestions and all would get me in trouble...with time or budget ;)


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