Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Flowers

While walking this past weekend I found such a pretty flower on my path.  I'm sure one of you can tell me what it is because I know nothing of such things...  I simply admire.

I see the same flower when we walk down to the beach near my house.  I love the colors in it.

Kind of inspires me to knit something with that color yarn.

Then we went for a ride to Wickford, which is a seaside town on the other side of the state.  I wanted to take lots of pictures since it's such a neat place (it even has a yarn shop) but the weather turned and we had to leave before we got drenched.  We did stop at this pond on the way home to take pictures of these.

They are Lotus flowers and I had never seen them up close before.  There was an entire pond full of them.

  The flowers were gorgeous! It was hard to get a clear shot with the zoom.

Here's hubby posing with them so you can see how big they really are.  Well, kinda.

Enjoy your day!


Carole Knits said...

The first one looks like Rose of Sharon to me, they are in their full glory right now. I love Wickford, the shops with all of their window boxes are always so beautiful.

Miu said...

Could your flower be a hibiscus?

kathy b said...

Im pretty sure they are a ROSE of Sharon flower too. Mine are exactly like that. Very old tree, mentioned in the Bible I hear..


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