Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 On Tuesday

I loved Carole's 10 On Tuesday today.  It is 10 Good Deed I Did This Week.  Some of the deeds I did a week or so ago, but I'll count them because it's important to be kind, ya know?

1.  I rounded up all my purchases at the Farmers Market on Saturday and gave the extra to the farmers.  It's only small change but they were all so appreciative.

2.  I took in the recycle bins for hubby.  Not a big deal, but I wanted to save him the trip.

3.  I let a mom with 3 little ones cut in front of me at the Red Box machine.  I remember what those days were like.

4.  I fed 5 kids at least half the days last week.  You know I have ONE child right?  There is almost always another teenager around (I won't even count her boyfriend because after almost 4 years he is just part of the family) because only-children don't like being "alone".  It's all good though because we love having them around and I always wanted a lot of kids anyway.

5.  I kept my mouth shut.  You know the saying "when you having nothing good to say......".  Yeah, I was quiet.  Trust me - it was difficult.  And it was most charitable.

6.  I loaded up the toilet paper in the ladies room at work.  I also loaded up the paper towels. I hate going in there and seeing the holders empty.

7.  I bought my daughter a new mascara that she wanted.  Buying make-up is one of her "expenses".  I'll keep you clothed and fed, but now that you have a job, you can make yourself beautiful (but she doesn't need make-up for that anyway).

8.  I spun some yarn for a friend who needed it to finish a project she was making for her moms birthday.

9.  I gave a ton of zucchini and tomatoes to the neighbors.  We do this every year.  We give a lot to my parents as well.

10.  I let that cat sleep in my basket full of roving and I didn't even chase her out.

So what have you done to be kind lately?


Carole Knits said...

I think your list is awesome. I love that you stocked up the supplies in the bathroom at work. And I hear you on the keeping your mouth shut bit. That can be so hard!

Beverly said...

Keeping my mouth shut can be tough! You've inspired me with your awesome list.

Beth said...

#10 made me smile!

Mary said...

this is a great list! I, too, remember the days with my arms full of kids and groceries. yay you for letting that woman cut in line (I let a few people cut in front of me while I was driving :-) and glad your kitty was the benefactor of (at least one!) your good deeds, too!!


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