Friday, July 20, 2012


Back in April when we made the trip to visit my aunt in North Carolina we went through a lot of my grandmother's things.  It was the first time me, my dad, and my aunt had all been together since she had passed away a few years ago.  We went through boxes of pictures.  It was nice to go back in time (even before I was born) to get a sense of what life was like back then.  The problem then comes, "who wants this picture".  Well, there were some that were priceless and we all wanted them.  My aunt is going to scan them so we all have a copy.  Problem solved.

Then we started going through her recipe box.  I love how my grandmother typed every recipe on an index card. We thought about scanning those too, but I just took pictures of each recipe I wanted.

These are for cookies that would take my grandmother all day to make.  Seriously - ALL day.  I guess that's the reason none of us has made them.  And you needed the ravioli pans because they were stuffed just like ravioli.

Some recipes I have never tried before but my dad assures me they are great.

I'm thinking I will make them around Christmas time.  A great way to remember grandma.


Carole Knits said...

I have my mom's recipe cards and they mean the world to me. I'm glad you have these mementos of your grandmother.

Beth said...

That's great! I have my grandma's recipe cards and they are very dear to me. I keep meaning to make them into a cookbook to share with my family, but I haven't done that yet.


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