Thursday, July 19, 2012


Had to laugh over the weekend when I realized that my favorite nail polish lately matched the fiber I was spinning.

listening - quiet, for a little while longer at least

eating - too early to think about food yet

drinking - iced coffee

wearing - black pants, green shirt

weather -cloudy, but at least it is in the 60's which is 20 degrees cooler than it's been the last few mornings

knitting - nothing really.  Still spinning like it's my job, but I'm enjoying it

reading - other than invoices at work, reading absolutely nothing

wanting - a day at Martha's Vineyard.  Been wanting to go back lately for some reason

needing - transplant my lettuce, bake some zucchini bread, buy new gym shoes, clean out my car, polish my nails,  the list is endless lately

enjoying - not having to fill my gas tank up so much lately.  Now that Nicole drives I use my car a lot less

looking forward - the Olympics start next week and I am so super excited  

wondering - when my allergies are going to settle down.  It's a sneeze-fest every morning.  I didn't even bother to put on make up today.  Scary, I know.


Carole Knits said...

That's a pretty color. I hope you get to MV soon!

Honoré said...

How cool is that ...matching nail polish and yarn.


Libby said...

Great colour polish - what is it? I had a moment like that recently when my green polish matched some new earring I bought. I guess we do tend to wear our favourite colours and shades.
Great list of currents. I'm looking forward to the Olympics as well. After the tour de france finishes I've got a week before the Olympics so am planning to get a lot done around the house before I'm parked on the couch again :-).

Karen Sue said...

I love this color!! I made some felted slippers that were close to that color, but I overfelted them and now they are my friend's slipper! I missed out on the lovliness!!

Miu said...

Your nail polish is really pretty!


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