Monday, July 2, 2012

Currents and Gratitude

listening - silence - what a beautiful thing!

eating - still too early to eat

drinking - iced coffee

wearing - grey shorts and black top

weather - sunny and perfect

knitting - Eventstar and Circle Socks

reading - catching up on magazines

wanting - to twitch my nose and have this huge overwhelming project be done at work that has been sucking the life out of me

needing - to be steadfast and complete the life sucking project this week

enjoying - going to the movies with the kids (well, young adults since some of them are getting close to 20 years old now- but they will always be kids to me).  We saw 21 Jump Street at the $2 theater last week and then saw Ted this past weekend.  Ted - hysterical, but certainly not for little kids!

looking forward - finishing up navajo plying my loop batt tonight.  I started plying last night it got too late and my eyes couldn't focus by 12:30 AM

wondering - what I'm going to spin next

thankful - do you see that picture above?  Do you see BLUE berries?  I have finally grown my own blueberries and the birds have not gotten them!  Who is more excited than me right now?

appreciating - old friends.  I visited with one last week and just got the sweetest email from another

1 comment:

Beth said...

I would be excited about the blueberries, too! Very cool!


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