Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You're in Time Out!

It's been quite a while since I have had to utter those words to my daughter (those conversations would be more like "you lost the car for 2 days now" - and we haven't had that issue come up yet) but I have had to speak those words to my knitting.  Several. Times. This. Weekend.  On every project I touched.  And it's not ending. Oaklet is such an easy pattern, yet I seem to forget to READ THE DIRECTIONS.  Now that I am at the edging I have had to rip it back twice.  And last night I realized I have to rip it back again because I skipped two rows.  I got so aggravated I started a pair of socks (with a pattern - what WAS I thinking?) and had to rip those back as well (much smaller scale so it wasn't heart breaking).  Each time I rip back I need to put the project down and walk away for a while.  I'm determined to finish Oaklet for Thursday's post, so the time outs a brief.

With all these errors, I cannot wrap my head around starting Evenstar.  The damage that could ensue is mind shattering with all those charts.  It will be the next shawl I cast on, but with the realization that I cannot knit that at social events, I need to have another project to work on as well.  I have been loving Color Affection and wanted to use my stash yarn to knit it.  I went through my piles a few times and couldn't come up with any color combos that knocked my socks off.  And then I came up with one.

What do you think?  It was a bit hard to capture the colors in them morning light.

The variegated skeins are ones I dyed and the solid purple is some sock yarn I bought years ago at Elann for some insanely cheap price.

I know the colors are bright but that seems to be what I am attracted to knitting during the summer.  After I get Evenstar going I will cast this on next to have to bring to knitting events.

At least I know it's kitty-approved.


Gale NoName said...

I've had times like that too. Right now Peacock Feathers is fighting with me every chance it gets. It too, is in time out. Surgery is required.

LindaB said...

Those colors and yarns are awesome! my all time favs! Your project will be stunning! So glad I found your blog today. I'm a stitcher from across the river in NJ. Very nice to meet you my NY neightbor :)

calicokitty6 said...

I've been fighting with my tank top too. It took 5 attempts but is finally progressing and behaving. My socks are in time out too.

I like the colors for the Color Affection. I'm planning to look for yarn for mine on Saturday when I go to WEBS with the knitting guild.

Jen said...

I LOVE THE COLORS!!!!!!! They are gorgeous together!! At least you are knitting. I have NOTHING on the needles and nothing is calling to me to be knit :-/ But that doesn't stop me from drooling all over the yarns I see! :-)

Hannah said...

So frustrating, isn't it? Patterns please and infuriate me in equal measures.
For knitting at social events I tend to have a simple project lined up or a part of a project that is st. st. at the stage it is at or something. I can't do patterns in public unless they're easy enough to remember in my head.

Your cat's eye are huge - I think he definitely approves!


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