Friday, June 8, 2012

Let's Talk Technology

When I first started knitting and spinning years ago (I think it's going on 7 years for spinning) blogs had become popular and it was great to see what everyone was up to.  You could also go on Knitter's Review Forum or on the Yahoo Knit List and talk to other knitters that way.  That's actually how I hooked up with my spinning group was by invitation from a local woman on the Knit List (which I have talked about on here before).

I'm not sure which came first for me, but I believe Ravelry was the next great way of bonding with other knitters.  Facebook followed and there were even more ways to talk to the knit folk via groups and pages.  Twitter followed Facebook, and I loved checking to see who tweeted and posted pictures of what they were working on.  Hell - you could even see what celebrities were talking about on Twitter!

Plurk followed Twitter for me. It was similar to Twitter, but there seemed to be more interaction.  I liked that.  Now we have Instagram.  Oh my.  It's nothing BUT pictures and it is a feast for the eyes.  Many knitters and spinners post their works in progress and it's very real time.

With all this social stuff going on I could very easily fill my day with NOTHING but talking to people online.  And with the exception of Ravelry, all of the above social media are available on  my phone so it's at my disposal 24/7.  I've had to narrow it down these days.

I check Facebook out daily but don't post often.  I rarely check Twitter, but I have text messages sent to my phone from certain people on there (i.e. the Weather Channel for special alerts, the local news for important events, and a couple of close friends).  I only get on Ravelry a few times a week.  I guess you can tell that by the lack of project updating in my notebook.

I check out and post my WIPs on Instagram.  That has really been fun.  My other daily indulgence is Plurk.  I love the interaction we have on there and it has become a place for people to discuss what's going on and vent if necessary.  Mostly it's yarn talk, but it's funny to me that a lot of the people I know on there were from the original knitting blogs.  I still read the blogs every day (sometimes it takes me a day or two to catch up).

So what social media do you use these days?  Have you cut down on any?

Oh, and thanks to Plurk, look what jumped into my Etsy cart last night?
Bright?  You bet.  The colors screamed summertime and I had to have it.  Stephanie from Loop posts on Plurk when she will be updating her shop.  If you don't catch it within 30 minutes, there is nothing left.  Although I just checked this morning and she still has a couple of beautiful bumps of fiber in the store.  Go check it out.   They won't last too long.

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Jen said...

I'm just catching up on blogs now. I REALLY need to cut down on technology. But I'm so afraid I'll "miss" something. I love my iphone and's almost causing me to be TOO connected too much of the time. I LOVE instagram (and could probably get away with getting rid of the iphone if it wasn't for instagram). I have used facebook for years....but mainly just to stay in touch with family & friends (real friends, not the 100's of "friends" like others have). I JUST started using twitter a few months ago. I've noticed you use Plurk but the thought of another social media site makes my head spin right now!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE blogs. I'm enjoying reading the blogs of fellow Rhode Islanders. I get so excited when I find them! :-)

I finished reading "sheepish" last night and now I want to learn to spin. And dye yarn. I need to look into it and see if I can find something cheap to start. My dream is to someday open a small store (probably on-line) to sell my own yarn. I should probably start by learning first!

Sorry to have written a book in the comment section!!


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