Monday, June 25, 2012

Currents and Gratitude

listening - news on the radio and thunder

eating - just ate an egg bagel that my co-worker brought me from Long Island over the weekend.  God I miss those

drinking - orange juice

wearing - grey capris and black top

weather - stormy

knitting - Eventstar and Circle Socks

reading - Tried reading Taproot over the weekend.  Got to take a picture of the cover  and admired how it matched my reading glasses, but never got to open it

wanting - to go back to sleep

needing - to stay late at work a few times this week to catch up

enjoying - the weekends lately have been fun.  Some socialization but still enough time to get my own crafty things done as well

looking forward - catching up with my friend Christine when we meet up Thursday night

wondering - if all this rain we are about to get is going to wash away my lettuce seeds

thankful - with all the storms lately (which is so unlike this part of RI) that we haven't lost power for too long

appreciating - eating outdoors.  We have been outside every night until the mosquitoes chase us inside

1 comment:

Carole Knits said...

A real bagel from New York!! I'm jealous!


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