Thursday, May 3, 2012

Multnomah 3 ?

I've shared the story on how this shawl morphed into something totally different than what it was intended to be.  I like the colors, I like how it came out, but I will probably put this in the gift box.  I wasn't able to get any modeled shots of it (I either had the weather with me and no model, or a model and it was dark and dreary) so you can't really tell how large it is.  And of course, I didn't measure it.  It's a bit small and while it looked great on some of my friends who tried it on at Spinning last night, I don't particularly like how it looks on me.  I'm rather large, the shawl is rather small... you get the picture.

The yarn really makes the shawl - there was no pattern as I just took each row as it came and knit what I felt like.  It was kind of liberating.

It's Noro Silk Sock, and while Iv'e said it many times - I will never use it for socks.  But it sure does make a nice shawl/scarf.

So I have now depleted my Noro Sock Yarn stash (did I mention that great deal I had got at Webs a couple years ago?) and it feels pretty darn good.


Jen said...

Oh it's gorgeous!!! The yarn is beautiful and really works well with the non-pattern :-)

Mary said...

so pretty - love how the yarn complements the pattern, and the pattern complements the yarn. perfect. and forget calling this multnomah. it's "donna's original"!! and kudos on using up the stash (webs can be VERY dangerous that way!)

Libby said...

That is just gorgeous. LOVE the colours.

Leslie said...

Now I know why this pattern is near the top of my list and what yarn to look for to make it. Lovely


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