Friday, May 4, 2012

It's May!

Yeah I know - where have I been for the last 4 days. With all this dreary cold weather I could swear it was March. When my hubby brought these in the house yesterday I realized that it was indeed May.

Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower. We had a huge lilac bush in my yard growing up. I remember when I smelled the lilacs that my birthday was not far away (end of the month). As a kid that's super exciting.

Over the years the month of May is still one of my favorites but has become kinda- errr - crazy? My wedding anniversary is the 5th, Mothers Day is right afterwards, my best friend Lisa's birthday is the 24th, my birthday comes on the 25th, my father in laws is on the 28th. Throw Memorial Day weekend in there, and every weekend in May has a Sheep & Wool Festival. We have trimmed down on the festivals - obviously we go to RI which is May 19th this year, we usually make a quick trip to NH, and occasionally make it to Mass Sheep & Wool.

Whatever your plans are this weekend - have a great time. And remember to stop and smell the lilacs. They dont last long.

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Carole Knits said...

I usually pick a big bouquet of lilacs to have at Frank Harlow Day!

Mary said...

happy May! my sister-in-law has a month like yours - 4 birthdays and an anniversary (her birthday is in august, but everyone else in her family is this month). she approaches it like a marathon. I think it's good that you get a prize for yourself at the end! ...p.s. I love lilacs but it's too hot for them here in georgia!


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