Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Makes A Momma Proud

So last Friday as I was knitting on my sock my daughter looks at me from the other couch and says "Mom - I want to knit some socks. Let's go upstairs in the stash and pick something out."

So off we went to stash dive.

She picked out these and narrowed it down to the green and yellow. It was my hand dyed that had been sitting for a while. It was a bit too bright for me but it suits a teen just fine apparently.

Her preference is double points and she likes to make ankle socks. Besides turning the heel she has done it all on her own.

She takes it with her everywhere she goes. She knits at rehearsal, she knits at her friends house, she knits while her boyfriend watches basketball on TV. And now her friends are all asking for socks.

I told you I would get that sock stash knit down to a manageable pile. I never promised I would be the only one knitting it though.

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bySarah said...

you should be proud, those are some nice socks!! (nean knits out of my stash a lot, its really the way to go to get it down a little.)

Gale NoName said...

Success! Hope she's enjoying it. I love that colour.

Carole Knits said...

That's awesome. I dream of knitting with Hannah some day. She knows HOW but hasn't shown any interest.

steph said...

I didn't get my daughter hooked on knitting until she was in her early 20s -- she learned in her teens, but it never really grabbed her. Congrats!!!!!! Honestly, though, what teen wouldn't want to knit with that great colored yarn!!!!!!!!!

Rows Red said...

I have to say, that yarn is even prettier now that I'm seeing it "in good light" vs. on the hangout. She has good taste and you have every right to be proud! Good for her. :)

Jen said...

Awesome!!! I loved (and still love!) sitting with my mom while we both knit. What pattern is she using for the socks? I want to knit myself a pair of ankle socks for the spring weather.

Jessica said...

Very cool!! No one said getting help knitting the stash down was cheating. ;-)

Mary said...

that's wonderful - you should be VERY proud! and super-cute socks!


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