Thursday, March 8, 2012

Elowen Update

My Elowen Shawl is coming along.  I made awesome progress over the weekend, spending most of Sunday knitting on it (I justified the all day knitting marathon in my head).  We started with this.
The balls of yarn were sock blanks from Knit Picks that I dyed myself and had sitting in the stash. 

It grew to this.
I'm still on the first ball of yarn and I'm liking the color changes.  It's been a no brainer so far - the pattern was easily memorized after a couple of repeats.  I always get intimidated by charts for some reason. 

I'm thinking by the weekend I should be up to using the Kroy Sock.  I'm anxious to see how the colors work together.  And I'm loving how the sock yarn stash is slowly dwindling.


Gale NoName said...

It's very satisfying to see that stash slowly melt away through use!

Love the colour you dyed that yarn.

Heather said...

Pretty! I always have grand ideas about going through my stash and making things, and then I end up replacing it with new yarn that I pick up at the is a habit I'm not sure I am willing to change right now :-)

Kelly said...

The yarn is beautiful! I'm just teaching myself so I'm no where close to socks, but I'm loving it! Try the green smoothie :) Just make sure to blend really well :)

Mary said...

LOL - I justify ALL my knitting in my head too! LOVE that burgundy color!


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