Monday, March 26, 2012


listening - the cat thumping on the floor with her new cat nip toy

eating - just finished a piece of chocolate

drinking - water with lots of ice

wearing - grey comfy sweats & green waffle shirt

weather - chilly compared to last week but hey - it's only March

knitting - second sock on both pairs I have been knitting and trying to figure out how to continue on the Elowen since I am way off on the stitch count

wanting - to start another pair of socks with the handspun that I just finished plying

needing - to finish carding the fleece I have.  Or I won't be buying another one this spring at the sheep and wool festivals

enjoying - watching this.  Oh my gosh check it out - it's addicting

looking forward - to seeing The Hunger Games this week (yes I did finish the book and it was really good)

wondering - if the catnip I planted 2 weeks ago is ever going to grow


Mary said...

chocolate for breakfast? yum!

and LOVE the link to the eagle cam. those little guys are too cute!

Libby said...

Those eagles are so cute. You'll love The Hunger Games - very well done.


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