Monday, November 30, 2015

That's A Wrap

Today is the 30th of November and NaBloPoMo is officially coming to a close.  One blog post for every day in November.  It wasn't too difficult.  I'm afraid I may have bored some of you on the weekends.  

Speaking of wrap, I started knitting some Christmas gifts yesterday.  It happens every year.  I get some crazy idea and decide that I can get it done in a day.  I was right this time - I got 4 ornaments done.  Just one more to go.  I have added a pair of socks and two hats to the gift list.  All which can hopefully get done by 12/15.

Until I come up with another crazy idea.  

PS - for those participating in the Knitter's Swap today is the day to get those packages out!  


Bonny said...

I would be lucky to finish just one of the things on your list, but I'm betting you can do it!

Alina said...

You are fast! And posting every day is a real challenge! Congratulations on keeping up! See you in December!

Carole said...

You can do it! And thanks for the reminder on the swap, too.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I keep adding to my Christmas list and really just need to stop!

My swap box went out Saturday. :)

Linda said...

I really enjoyed all your posts! One of these days I'm going to join in on this challenge!

Linda in VA

Anke said...

Got mine out yesterday. Sorry it took until the last day, but we were out of town and things got a bit hectic.

karen said...

I get crazy ideas as well. I'm trying to knit three Christmas stockings before the 20th. I think it's doable but I'm wishing to knit on something else :)


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